Aquarius: The Revolutionist
release date Feb. 12, 2012

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Jay Tausig - Aquarius The Revolutionist - Sampler by

The debut release on the Trip Around The Sun...
"Aquarius: The Revolutionist"

1. Aquarius Intro 1:29
2. Uranus 7:56
3. The Eleventh Hour 3:00
4. Water Bearer 4:00
5. Amethyst 2:49
6. The Revolutionist 5:26
7. Mystic Crystal Revelations 5:54
8. Do No Harm 6:12
9. Ocean of Emotion 3:47
10. The Purple Ray of Aquarius 4:11
11. Parallel Lines 4:19
12. Hope For The Future 3:43
13. The Bending of Light 6:45
14. Overflow 3:23

Artwork by Ed Unitsky
All Instruments by Jay Tausig

The Aquarius Intro
Aquarius Intro voice: Rhi-Jenerate
The Aquarius Intro was written by friend and astrologer,
Remy Kiehn-Lindsey
Aquarius Art - Print by Ed Unitsky

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